What Horsham's riverfront nodes will look like

Published on 15 October 2021

River Edge Connection design drawing

Construction is set to start on a series of platforms that will provide greater access to the Wimmera River in Horsham.

Also called nodes, the three platforms are scheduled to be completed by the end of March.

Two will cascade down to the river's edge offering visitors access at water level, while the third will be raised above the ground to provide views over the water.

Node 1: is aligned with Firebrace Street and the planned entrance pergola, this is a wharf-style design, requiring footings in water

Node 2: is located towards the western end of the precinct, aligns with the to-be-constructed Nature Play Park, and is also a wharf-style design requiring footings in water

Node 3: the eastern-most deck is required to be constructed on the riverbank only, around a tree, with no footings in water.

River Connection near Memorial Drive.PNG

These works will act as a series of interconnected landmarks that will subtly support and enhance activities along the river's edge.

Delivery of these projects will be managed in accordance with relevant COVID restrictions that apply at the time of the works.

Flood modelling of the riverfront has been conducted to ensure the built structures do not adversely impact on the river flow or other properties. This flood modelling has been reviewed and approved by the Wimmera Catchment Management Authority.

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