Where will our glass go?

Published on 31 March 2023

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The introduction of Council’s Better Sorted Waste 4-Bin program means that urban residents now have a new purple glass-recycling bin.

Separating glass from other materials creates a more efficient recycling system, ultimately reducing our municipality’s environmental impact.

Under the previous 2-Bin program, an estimated 30 percent of glass cannot be recovered when placed into the yellow mixed recycling bin because it shatters, making it too hard to sort.

Additionally, broken glass in the yellow mixed recycling bin contaminates other materials and prevents them from being recycled. 

Residents in urbans areas will have their purple bins collected once a month. Once collected, the glass will be sent to a glass crusher operated by Yarriambiack Shire Council.

Rural residents will not be transitioning to the four-bin system but can deposit glass at their closest transfer station or designated collection point free of charge.

What exactly will happen to our glass? 

Periodically, we will collect the glass that has come from Horsham after it is crushed and use it to mix with road base or as an alternative to sand in some of our projects. We have previously successfully trialled recycling glass into footpaths in Stewart Street in Horsham.

Council elected to send the glass to the Yarriambiack processing facility due to its physical proximity to our municipality - doing so means transport costs are minimised and road pollution reduced.

Additionally, selecting a local processing facility means that Horsham and surrounding regions will benefit from the purple bin recycling program.

Where can I go for further information?

For more information on the new 4-Bin system and what kind of items can be placed into each bin visit our Better Sorted Waste page. 

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