Crossing supervisors honor Brian Beach

Published on 23 February 2024

Peter Fraser school crossing supervisor.jpg

Horsham's crossing supervisors, along with many others from fellow Victorian cities, are wearing black armbands today, in honor of a much-loved Wodonga Council crossing guard Brian Beach who was fatally hit early this month. His funeral in Wondonga is today.

The incident, which took place during school pick-up hours, is yet another reminder of the importance to adhere to school zone speed limits, for everyone's safety. While it's well known that school zones are limited to 40km/h during pick-up times, it is very important to be familiar with all of the rules:

▪Stop if a child or adult is about to cross or is crossing, even if there is no crossing supervisor
▪Stop if a hand held “Stop” sign is displayed
▪Only proceed when all children and adults, including the supervisor, are clear of the crossing
▪Approach at a speed slow enough to stop safely, if necessary
▪Do not overtake a vehicle stopping or stopped at the crossing.

Horsham crossing supervisor Peter Fraser is pictured in Baillie Street, wearing a black arm band today.

As a community, we can help ensure that everyone gets home safely.

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