Dog owners urged to take care

Published on 12 September 2018

Dog walking.jpg

Horsham Rural City Council is reminding dog owners of their responsibility to contain pets within their property.  

There has been an increase in dogs roaming the streets across the past six months, prompting Council to take a harder line when it comes to maintaining Local Laws.

Director Development Services Angela Murphy said apathy was too often to blame, with dog owners failing to maintain their fence line to stop their dogs escaping and wandering.

“We are here to support the community and make it safe for everyone,” Ms Murphy said. 

“It is every dog owner’s responsibility to ensure their animal does not pose a risk to other people, pets or stock.

“Responsible pet ownership starts at home – close doors and gates and make sure fences are well maintained in order to stop your dog from roaming the streets, and keep dogs leashed around other animals and people.  Taking your dog to an off-leash park is another option and a great way to meet other dog owners as well as socialise and exercise your pet.”

Council manages four off leash dog parks in Horsham.  These areas have been clearly marked as off-leash areas with signage and equipped with animal waste bags and bins.

“However, remember off-leash areas are public areas too. So owners need to ensure their dogs don’t bail up other people or animals. Make sure your dog understands verbal commands and comes back to you when it’s called,” Ms Murphy said.

Owners face a $242 fine for not having their dogs on chain, cord or leash on a road or in a municipal place unless designated as an off-leash area.

If you find a lost cat or dog, and it is safe to do so, check for identification like a registration tag, name and contact number on the collar.

Contact Council on 5382 9777 to report the animal as found. Be ready to provide a good description of the animal and any identifying information.

Dogs wandering at large can be collected by rangers during business hours, however after hours, the dog must be contained for collection by the ranger. 

“This can be by tying the dog to a post or containing it to your yard, however, remember your safety is paramount, if in doubt don’t approach a dog at large.”

If a dog is impounded and it is the first time the Community Safety Officers have picked it up, there is no charge for a release.

However, if the dog has been impounded before, the pound release fees are $100.

Ms Murphy said other responsibilities include cleaning up your dog’s faeces. All dog owners are required by law to clean up after their pets if they defecate in a public place.

“This is important not just for your health but for the health of your pet and your neighbourhood. When you exercise your pet away from your property carry a plastic bag to clean up any dropping it leaves. Dog faeces may contain worms that can cause a threat to human health,” she said.


  • If you find a dog that is contained or at large during business hours, call Council on 5382 9777 and a ranger will attend.
  • Between 5pm and 8.30am, HRCC’s CouncilPro call centre will answer your call and a Community Safety Officer will be deployed to pick up the dog only if the dog has been contained.


  • Weir Park, Barnes Blvd, Horsham
  • Jenkinson Reserve, Baillie St , Horsham (Unfenced)
  • Langlands Park, Houston St, Horsham
  • Lions Park, Plant Ave, Horsham