Parking meters to remain switched off

Published on 29 June 2020

Parking meters website.png

Horsham Rural City Council will extend its parking meter hiatus following the recent increases in COVID-19 cases within Victoria.

Chief Executive Officer Sunil Bhalla said in light of some restrictions being reintroduced this week and the Coronavirus’s ongoing impact on the local economy, Council would not switch parking meters back on until at least December.

“Council switched off parking meters on 30 March. They will remain off and we will continue to monitor the situation,” Mr Bhalla said.

Mr Bhalla said that while payment was not required for meters, parking rules must still be followed.

“Despite our meters being switched off, parking time limits and restrictions still apply.

“We must ensure we still have parking turnover so that customers can easily visit local businesses and access the services they need,” he said.

Council will be issuing fines to people that are not following parking signage. 

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