Vote for the giant koala: A chance to shine on national TV

Published on 13 June 2024

The Big Koala

The iconic Giant Koala of Dadswells Bridge could soon become a television star! Channel 7’s popular morning show, Sunrise, is on a nationwide tour to showcase Australia’s ‘big things’, and our beloved koala is in the running to be featured.

Presenter Sam Mac, known for his on-location weather segments, is visiting the country’s most famous ‘big’ attractions.

Now the viewers will decide his next destination when a poll is launched on Sunrise on Tuesday, pitting the Giant Koala head-to-head against another national landmark.

The winner will get to host the broadcast on Thursday, 20 June, with seven live crosses between 5.30am and 8.30am.

The community will have 24 hours to cast their votes on Sunrise’s social media pages, with the winner announced on Wednesday, 19 June.

Mayor Robyn Gulline said this was our moment to showcase the Giant Koala and the Dadswell’s Bridge community to over a million viewers across the nation.

“But to make this happen, we need your support. Rally behind the Giant Koala, vote, and be ready to participate in a live broadcast that could put Dadswells Bridge on the map,” she said.   

“HRCC is already coordinating with the Giant Koala’s owners and nearby businesses to plan engaging activities and interviews.

“Let’s come together for this unique opportunity to promote our local icon and community.

“Vote for the Giant Koala when the poll goes up on Tuesday. Let’s bring Sam Mac and the Sunrise crew to our Giant Koala and share the spirit of Dadswells Bridge with Australia,” Cr Gulline said. 

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