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Bin art.png

Isolation BIN-Spiration 

The HRCC Public Arts Advisory Group invites you to take your art out with the trash.

As Australians lead the way with wheelie bin creativity during COVID-19, Council is encouraging residents to paint up. Pimp your wheelie bin.  A town-enhancing colossal rolling monument to 2020 isolation.

There will be prizes!

Incentives will be awarded weekly with a grand prize at the end of June

The categories are:

  • Best Individual Bins
  • Best Cluster of Bins (liaise in a pandemic-safe way with your neighbours re themes. Share paints!)

Prizes will include vouchers to local businesses and eateries, worm farms, compost kits and other delights.

The judging team will include our waste truck drivers, so smile nicely at them.

Some examples

Painted Wheelie bin


But we’re sure Horsham and surrounds can do better!

There are rules and recommendations

  • We recommend an exterior water-based paint
  • Out of Bounds - Painting on the lids. We still need to know rubbish from recycling
  • Out of Bounds - Painting over bin numbers
  • And don’t get too attached to your masterpiece – the life of a wheelie bin is a rugged one. Damaged bins need to be replaced, scuffing may occur during handling etc.

We look forward to seeing your work.

Use the #IsolationBINspiration hashtag to share your work on social media.

Art Boxes

Art Box.jpg

Get your art onto the street with HRCC Art Boxes.

NBN boxes, traffic signal boxes, power boxes, walls - the HRCC Public Arts Advisory Group invites you to make your mark and share your art on utility boxes of your choice and selected walls around the city.

Work will be presented in vinyl wraps (working with a graphic designer) or can be painted on directly. 

Download project guidelines(PDF, 793KB)