Central Activity District Revitalisation


Adoption of final Streetscape Plan

Council adopted a final version of the Streetscape Plan in August 2022. 


The plan's endorsement follows a comprehensive Urban Design Analysis(PDF, 14MB) and several stages (including previous years) of community engagement that have informed the strategy.  Download the Community Consultation Round 3 Snapshot(PDF, 8MB).

About the CAD Revitalisation: Streetscape Plan Project

The CAD Revitalisation: Streetscape Plan Project is looking at ways we can improve our streetscapes and public spaces within the town centre of Horsham (also referred to as the CAD).

To develop the Streetscape Plan, we are using ideas from the community, as well as advice from an independent urban design and landscape consultant, UrbanFold.

The project focuses on:

  • public spaces and meeting places
  • street furniture and pavement materials
  • pedestrian network, bicycle amenity and wayfinding
  • local character and heritage
  • landscaping, plantings and greenery


Stage 1: Urban Design Analysis

In late 2021, we asked the community for their views on the existing condition of the Town Centre. We also sought their feedback on potential urban design interventions and renewal works. We presented this information to the community through the Urban Design Analysis(PDF, 14MB).

What we heard

We heard from the community in person and via online submissions that the following were priority matters:

  • Parking, lighting, greenery, shade and seating could all be improved
  • More trees should be planted
  • Improved public realm that prioritises walking and cycling
  • Improved landscaping, noting that many people like the current landscaping
  • Generally improve the appearance of the Town Centre
  • Improve walkability within the Town Centre
  • The provision of open space in a central area
  • Activation of the laneways and more outdoor dining options
  • Footpaths and paving should be improved
  • Improving pedestrian safety at a number of intersections

Stage 2: Streetscape Plan

We used the feedback from the above to design 11 priority projects that aim to create high quality and welcoming spaces that build on our existing strengths and local character. Presently we are asking the community if we got it right. These projects range from short term to long term and are elaborated on in the Draft Streetscape Plan(PDF, 9MB).

The priority projects were informed by the following 7 improvement strategies:

  1. Develop the off-street laneway network into a series of comfortable and interesting places that also provide a safe and convenient pedestrian network throughout the CAD.
  2. Make Firebrace Street the 'postcard' street and the premier place for dining, meeting and greeting in Horsham.
  3. Strengthen character and identity by promoting and restoring heritage features and telling the stories of the town and the area.
  4. Create more outdoor places for meeting, gathering and socialising in Horsham's Town Centre.
  5. Improve physical and visual connections between the Town Centre and broader Horsham
  6. Improve the streetscapes of Horsham's Town Centre with more shade, lighting, furnishings, paving and planting.
  7. Green the Town Centre and better utilise the streets and public spaces to create a cooler, more climate-ready urban environment