Horsham North Local Area Plan

A residential street in Horsham North with trees and green nature strips

A Local Area Plan sets out a long term vision for a defined area (10 to 20 years). It aims to address local planning and urban design issues, capitalising on local opportunities. A Local Area Plan provides strategic directions for sustainable change and locally focused outcomes. 

On Monday 22 May 2023, Council resolved to adopt the Horsham North Local Area Plan. 

About the Local Area Plan

Council has developed the Horsham North Local Area Plan after receiving initial feedback from the community earlier this year. The purpose of the Local Area Plan is to provide strategic guidance on the future land use planning, urban improvements and change within Horsham North. The Local Area Plan sets out a general framework of desired outcomes, goals, strategies and actions relating to land use, built form, public realm, access, open space and transport matters.

Final Documents

Final Figures
Engagement Summary Report

Previous Community Consultation

Council has prepared a summary of the key messages heard during round 1 of consultation (Draft Issues and Opportunities Paper) over April - May 2022.

Horsham North Community Consultation Summary Report August 2022(PDF, 4MB)

About the Draft Horsham North Local Area Plan

The plan has been developed from previous background work, current research and investigation from the valued input of the Horsham North community. Previous work and strategies completed by Council and the community has formed the basis and background work for the new Horsham North Local Area Plan and has provided analysis, context and feedback for the Goals, Strategies and Actions set out in the Horsham North Local Area Plan. The background work includes the Horsham North Urban Design Framework(PDF, 30MB), the Rail Corridor Masterplan(PDF, 20MB) and the Horsham North Issues and Opportunities paper(PDF, 10MB).

The purpose of the Horsham North Local Area Plan is to identify the key issues and opportunities, and set out a direction for the community and Council to seek to address the issues and respond to the opportunities that will ensure Horsham North is more liveable and sustainable into the future.


What is the purpose of the Horsham North Local Area Plan?

The Horsham North Local Area Plan and Implementation Plan will be used to:

  • Work with the community to identify projects/actions that Council will undertake in a planned, coordinated way;

  • Inform Council budgets and the Council work program

  • Assist with grant/funding applications and advocacy with state government agencies

  • Inform and justify changes to the Horsham Planning Scheme (such as zone changes)

Horsham North (Draft) Issues and Opportunities Paper

Community engagement was used to inform both the Horsham North Urban Design Framework (2013) and the Rail Corridor Masterplan (2016). These strategies identified a number of issues and opportunities in addressing public realm and accessibility issues and have since been reviewed and expanded on for Horsham North. The Issues and Opportunities Paper(PDF, 10MB) outlined key themes and areas for the Horsham North Local Area Plan to provide further strategic direction for the area.

The Community Vision

During consultation in May 2022 the following statements were made by the community and will be consolidated into one vision statement: 

  • A vibrant and economically thriving place;
  • A unique and celebrated identity;
  • Accessible, safe, clean and well maintained spaces and places;
  • A diversity of services and housing options that reflect the character of the neighbourhood;
  • Accessible green, active and inclusive open spaces that provide shade, shelter, play, recreation, design and art;
  • Fosters connections with neighbours and greater Horsham;
  • Provides quality paths for pedestrians and cyclists, roads and public transport options.

Final Horsham North Local Area Plan

Horsham North Local Area Plan has been adopted by Council on Monday 22 May 2023.