Horsham PAWS

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Horsham PAWS is a community-based association with a strong commitment to promoting responsible pet ownership and improving the welfare of lost, abandoned and relinquished pets in the Horsham municipality.

Since forming in April 2010, Horsham PAWS has partnered with Council in establishing a successful re-housing program at the local pound. In 2011, Council entered into a formal agreement with Horsham PAWS to enable fostering of cats and dogs awaiting adoption.  

Horsham PAWS is managed by a committee of 10 elected volunteers and is supported by a membership base of individuals who share a passion and commitment to animal welfare. The association receives no formal funding, relying on membership fees, fundraising and donations from the community.

For all adoption information and list of animals currently ready for adoption, please contact Horsham PAWS on the below links:

Horsham Paws website

Horsham Paws Facebook page