Phoenix Animal Rescue Horsham Ltd (PARH)


Phoenix Animal Rescue Horsham Ltd (PARH) is an animal welfare charity that is committed to improving the lives of animals and humans alike. We recognise the immense benefit animals can have on people’s lives. We believe in giving the human and the animals a second chance of happiness and connections as sometimes humans and animals have come from difficult times and need a fresh start.

PARH commenced operating in October 2018 and is committed to rescuing, caring for, rehabilitating and transporting lost, abandoned and surrendered companion animals and prepare them for rehoming. As part of the rehoming process we provide health care, training and foster care to the companion animals in our program. All animals are vaccinated, flea and worm treated, desexed and microchipped as part of the rehoming process.

PARH has positive working relationships and agreements with a variety of councils and shelters inclusive of Horsham Rural City Council to foster and rehouse companion animals. We network with other like-minded rescue groups to collaboratively address the large number of companion animals entering pound systems and looking for new homes.

PARH operates as a not for profit entity and relies on pet adoption fee’s, fundraising and donations to continue the work of saving and rehousing animals in need.

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