Help for those feeling alone

Published on 31 July 2020

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For those already experiencing loneliness and social isolation prior to the global pandemic, COVID-19 has made life extremely challenging.

Physical distancing and the restrictions bought about to help stop the spread of Coronavirus has left many feeling disconnected – from friends, colleagues, family and society.

However, help is now easy to access through the Victorian Government’s Community Activation and Social Isolation initiative.

As part of this initiative, the Australian Red Cross is now contactable through the DHHS Coronavirus hotline, allowing all Victorians access to support during this challenging time.

To reach an Australian Red Cross volunteer through the hotline, dial 1800 675 398 and press 3. The volunteer will discuss what support is required and can listen to any worries or concerns the individual may have.

Uniting Wimmera, with contributions from Horsham Rural City Council's Relief Committee is also providing support by acting as a Community Connector. The Community Connector phone line can be reached through the coronavirus hotline, or directly on 1800 195 114.

The Community Connector service helps people in the Wimmera connect with a wide range of services available locally.

The Community Connector service can help people experiencing loneliness by organising chats on the phone with like-minded people in the community or practical support like running errands or getting supplies.

The service can also help people by connecting them to social activities such as online book clubs, volunteering opportunities, or helping to set up video chats with family and friends.

Access to both the Australian Red Cross and local Community Connector is free and available to all Victorians, regardless of age, income or level of help needed. 

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