Progress report: Riverfront activation projects

Published on 20 May 2022

Sawyer Park toilet construction.jpg

The Riverfront Activation Project is the first stage of the City to River Masterplan, a 20-year plan which aims to enhance and activate the Wimmera River Precinct and its link to the Central Activity District of Horsham.

See the status of each of the 10 individual projects below. 

“For many years our residents have asked for our riverfront precinct to be developed to its full potential, and they are now delighted to see it happening,” Mayor Robyn Gulline said. 


Decking and balustrading is being installed on the three riverfront nodes this week.
The nodes are platforms that will provide greater access to the river.
Two will cascade down to the river's edge offering visitors access at water level, while the third will be raised above the ground to provide views over the water.

Node 1: is aligned with Firebrace Street and the planned entrance pergola, this is a wharf-style design, requiring footings in water
Node 2: is located towards the western end of the precinct, aligns with the to-be-constructed Nature Play Park, and is also a wharf-style design requiring footings in water
Node 3: the eastern-most deck is required to be constructed on the riverbank only, around a tree, with no footings in water.

Riverfront node with decking installed.png


Plumbing fit out is completed on the new Sawyer Park public toilets, with the final cleaning and anti-graffiti sealing now underway. This installation sits well in the natural landscape of the riverfront, with the colours of the concrete and timber detail reflecting the trunk colours of the river red gums.

Sawyer Park toilets plumbing fitted.jpg


The area where Firebrace Street meets the river will form a key community meeting place with sheltered seating areas and a starting point to explore the riverfront.
Construction of a large pergola-type structure is underway and, when completed by the end of winter, it will provide a framed view of the church spire at the very top of Firebrace Street.
Signage and educational material about the site, including indigenous cultural heritage and post-settlement history will be integrated into the landscape development. 
A site for a cafe is also proposed in the longer term.

Riverfront entrance pergola under construction.png


The three barbecue shelters are nearing completion, with final fit out to begin soon.

Riverfront Barbercue Shelters.png



Site preparation works have already started. Installation of the play features will start in the coming months.

More information and images of water play elements can be seen in the design document. Because elements will be specially built for our park images and drawings are only of similar types of equipment and are not exactly what is planned for the park.

Nature and Water Play Park Design


A bold new city sculpture to be erected over the coming weeks.

The six-metre interpretive structure will stand proudly on the edge of Sawyer Park and welcome visitors and residents travelling via the Western Highway and O’Callaghans Parade.

Foundation works started this week and the project is due to be finished next month.



A large pergola was constructed at the entrance to the Angling Club building, allowing more flexible outdoor use of the clubrooms.

Angling Club pergola has its roof fitted


Between Horsham City Rowing Club and the Western Highway Bridge, more than 1km of the riverfront pathways were reconstructed with a recycled rubber product included in the asphalt mix. In addition, the shared pathways were widened along the entire length, to enable concurrent usage by pedestrians, cyclists and mobility scooters.




Horsham company Landscape It was last month awarded a contract to install lighting and landscaping.
The area to be landscaped includes the riverfront precinct between Horsham Caravan Park and Memorial Drive.
Works will start in the coming months.

More info: Riverfront landscaping and lighting contract awarded



The irrigation system that services Sawyer Park and the Botanical Gardens has been redesigned. This work involves an pump station located at Wotonga Basin, and the installation of three new high capacity pumps to service the system.

Pump station at Watonga Basin.png

Dixon Drive Irrigation Services.png


More info: Riverfront Activation project summary

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