Horsham Skate Park - A Park for All

View of the skate park bowl from above
The Horsham Skate Park, also known as the Horsham Youth Park Establishment (HYPE), is located on the corner of Natimuk Road and Park Drive, Horsham.

The 2019 Open Space Strategy classifies the park as a regional play space – a public open space providing a high quality destination with broad appeal, attracting visitors and local community members.

An audit of the park revealed there are opportunities to improve the quality of the diversity and type of activities provide in the park. The audit also revealed that although many people travel to the park to skate or use their scooters, the range of participation options is limited, there are few seats, limited shade and most of the people using the park are males aged between 4 – 30. 

A regional play space, when well designed, will be welcoming and accessible to people of different ages, genders and abilities and will provide options for different activities within the park. 

The initial public engagement for development of the Horsham Skate Park has now closed.

We received 438 responses regarding the draft concept plan for the Skate Park.

Responses were received from individuals and groups – from students attending secondary colleges to parents with young children and older adults caring for grandchildren.

Many people (201) chose to complete paper-based surveys and 236 people opted to complete surveys on-line, either via the HRCC webpage or via a QR code directing them to the survey on the HRCC webpage.

Key themes that emerged from the engagement include:

  • The importance of trees, shade, shelter from wind and different types of seating throughout the area
  • A reminder that play and activity equipment needs to be appropriate for a variety of ages and abilities with a request that different types of activities be provided in the park
  • Provision of amenities such as BBQs and gathering areas, with drinking fountains across the area
  • Ensuring connected pathways for movement to and through the park
  • Upgrading of existing facilities – skate park and dirt jumps

The project’s Community Reference Group (CRG) will consider all feedback that has been provided through the engagement process and will make changes to the draft concept plan.

The revised plan will be shared via the HRCC webpage for another stage of feedback before the CRG formally seeks Council endorsement of the plan.

It is expected that a report recommending the plan be endorsed will be presented to Council in October 2022.

Who has been involved?

A Community Reference Group (CRG) was established in August 2021 to guide the planning for increased usage of the park.

The CRG is comprised of representatives from the following groups:

  • Skaters and people who use scooters at the Park
  • Bike riders (Dirt jumps and concrete area)
  • Senior adults
  • Disability sector
  • Community
  • HRCC Youth Council

Meetings have been held on-site, in person and remotely and the CRG has identified strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the park. Separate conversations regarding the park have been held with the following groups:

  • People using the skate Park
  • Older Adults’ Advisory Committee
  • Horsham City Netball Association
  • Wimmera Health Care Group
  • Country Fire Authority
  • Victorian Police
  • Wimmera Catchment Management Authority 
  • Horsham and District Racing Club
  • Horsham Harness Racing Club
  • Central Park Tennis Club
  • HRCC Youth Council
  • HRCC Parks and Gardens’ staff
  • HRCC Asset team

What do we hope to achieve in the park?

The CRG developed a vision for future use of the Park.

The Horsham Skate Park will provide a range of opportunities and experiences for people to have fun and be physically active.

The Park will be a central meeting place for people of different ages, abilities and interests; a place we love to go to, spend time in or pass through. 

What does this mean?

The park will be:

  • Accessible to people throughout their life stages
  • Flexible in use, supporting a diversity of activities
  • Welcoming to people of different ages, abilities and interests
  • Accessed via multiple entry and exit points into and across the space
  • Designed to minimize crime through environmental design (CPTED)


Why is engagement occurring now?

The CRG has completed the first stage of their planning and is now keen to hear from individuals and groups in our community. Feedback is especially welcomed from people who currently do not use the park.

The intended outcomes of seeking feedback will be to:

  1. Receive feedback on design elements within the landscape plan
  2. Receive feedback regarding the translation of design principles into practical outcomes – have we designed a public space that is inclusive, safe, welcoming and fun?

How long is the engagement process?

The draft plan will be available for feedback from 12 July until 19 August 2022. (6 weeks)


How can I comment on the draft plan?

A number of options will be available to provide feedback. These include:

  • Use the link on this page to complete the online survey
  • HRCC Reception – Printed surveys of the Have your say survey are available

Face to face – at the Skate Park, Horsham Plaza and Haven Market


What will happen to the feedback?

Feedback will be summarized and considered by the CRG.

Feedback might result in suggestions being accepted and changes made to the draft plan or suggestions being noted but not incorporated into the plan.

Is that the end of the process?

A summary of the CRG considerations will be shared via the HRCC project webpage and the revised draft of the Skate Park plan will also be available on the HRCC project webpage.

A report will be developed for Council summarizing the process of:

  • Developing the plan
  • Obtaining feedback – and how the feedback informed planning decisions


The report will be submitted to Council seeking endorsement and the staged implementation of the plan.