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The Community Vision shapes HRCC's four-year Council Plan, 10-year Asset Plan and 10-year Financial Plan. It also guides all of Council’s plans and strategies, ensuring that the community is at the heart of every decision.

Horsham Rural City Council is a member of the CoRE (Communities of Respect and Equality) Alliance and supports the framework developed to prevent violence against women and their children.

CoRE is for those who believe that our communities can be better places to live if we take action together to promote change. 

This Plan has been developed to help guide and direct individual and collective work in building communities of respect and equality, and prevent violence against women before it occurs.

Council must prepare a Council plan following each Council Election. The Plan includes the strategic objectives of the Council, the strategies for achieving the objectives for the four year term of the Council, strategic indicators for monitoring their achievement, a strategic resource plan and other prescribed matters.

Horsham Rural City Council is committed to good governance and ethical behaviour as a key ingredient of responsible, effective and accountable local government.

The general purpose of the Councillor Code of Conduct is designed to assist Councillors to understand how to act professionally and how to maintain the highest standards of conduct when executing the duties of Councillor.

The Code is also designed to generate the highest level of confidence by the community in their elected representatives.

The Code provides specific rules of conduct for dealing with issues should they arise and dispute resolution processes and procedures.

The revised Councillor Code of Conduct was adopted by resolution of Horsham Rural City Council on 22 February 2021 in accordance with the Local Government Act 2020.

The Councillor Code of Conduct must be reviewed within four months after every general Council election.

A Council may review or amend the Councillor Code of Conduct at any time, but it must be by a formal resolution of Council.

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