Community grants and donations announced

Published on 30 May 2024

Community grants

Horsham Rural City Council is providing community organisations with $422,579 in funding as part of the annual Community Grants and Donations Program.

Each year HRCC allocates funding to support community and sporting groups as part of its budget process.

This includes support for groups such as sports clubs, halls, kindergartens to assist with their maintenance and operations as well as grants for specific projects and events.  Additionally, Council has allocated donations which support recreation reserves, public halls, kindergartens and welfare services.

In 2024, the grants program has been split into four streams, with the main community grants program flanked by separate categories for events, youth and quick response grants.    

Council received 57 community grant applications for specific projects, with 41 successful.

Mayor Robyn Gulline said the number of requests for community grants indicated the popularity and respect for the program within the community.

“We were so pleased to be able to distribute this funding to so many worthy community groups and organisations.

“From all corners of the municipality, community groups will receive welcome boosts to their activities. Maybe it’s equipment they’ve required for some time and haven’t been able to afford, or an upgrade that will make operations run smoother.

“It’s our way of supporting community groups and organisations that contribute to making our municipality better,” she said.

Cr Gulline said Council staff used a ranking system to assess the applications for 2024-25 before the final list was presented to Councillors for consideration.

The criteria includes the club’s ability to contribute with in-kind support or cash for the project, if they have received a grant before and if the project aligns with Council’s goals and strategies.

“The idea of the ranking system is to provide some general guidance for assessors and greater transparency in the assessment process,” she said.

“I look forward to seeing the successful projects coming to fruition over the next 12 months,” Cr Gulline said.

2024/2025 allocations

  • Community Donations: $190,695
  • Community Development Grants: $137,548
  • Event Grants: $73,000
  • Youth Grants: $10,000
  • Quick Response Grants: $11,336
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