Horsham North street sealed

Published on 30 May 2024

Anderson Street Otta Seal (web).png

The eastern end of Anderson Street, a previously high-maintenance road in Horsham North, has been upgraded from gravel to a sealed thoroughfare.

The road, which has been a source of concern for many years due to its high maintenance needs, underwent significant improvements as part of the council’s capital works program.

The section of the road that was sealed is about 170 meters in length. The HRCC operations team applied an Otta Seal, a durable and cost-effective road surfacing method, to carry out the works.

Unlike conventional road-sealing techniques, Otta sealing uses aggregates of mixed sizes to establish a thick layer that is applied over the top of bitumen.

Initially, the surface does not look dissimilar to a typical gravel road, but over time, the bitumen works its way upwards through the aggregate and turns into a smooth, interlocked bituminous premix.

Otta seals are only suitable for roads with low traffic volumes.

The sealing of Anderson Street marks a significant improvement in the infrastructure of Horsham North and is expected to greatly reduce the maintenance needs of this section of the road.

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