Winter flowers bloom in Horsham's garden spaces

Published on 31 May 2024


Horsham’s roundabouts and garden spaces have seen a burst of colour over recent weeks as freshly planted winter annuals have begun to bloom.

This year’s flowers, carefully selected and cultivated, were chosen to offer variety in size, colour, height and seasonality.

At sites within the CAD, the team have planted poppy australis, snapdragons, cineraria masquerade, stock and primulas. At the Botanic Gardens, a similar range have been planted, with the addition of primulas and sweet pea.

“In the past we have used a lot of pansies for our winter plantings, however, we have chosen a wider range of plants that have different types of foliage and flowers for this coming season”, Team Leader Streetscapes & Botanic, Ryan Johnstone said.

“The polyanthus and primula are quite hardy and have vibrant flowers. The stock and snapdragons are more upright in their growth and fill the bed nicely with their foliage and different flower stems.  The poppies produce a nice show of soft pastel flowers that sway in the breeze.  The violas display small, dense clusters of flowers against lush green leaves, remaining in flower for long periods”.

“All of these have been grown successfully in previous years within our gardens, and with the constant care that my teams give them, they should put on another great display over the coming months”.

“Should you find yourself inspired to try out a similar look for your own garden, these species of flowers are readily available from most nurseries”.

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