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All municipalities in Victoria are revalued every year.  All properties in Horsham Rural City Council were revalued during 2020 by a Contract Valuer appointed to Council by Valuer-General Victoria at a level of value date of 1st January, 2020.

Three values have been returned by Council's Valuer for each property as follows:

  • Site Value - being the value of the land only, disregarding most improvements, but having regard to surrounding development.
  • Capital Improved Value – being the value of the land, together with buildings and other improvements, thus being directly related to the market value of the land at the level of value date of 1st January, 2020.  This valuation does not include chattels or furniture and fittings.
  • Net Annual Value - being the estimated annual rental value of the land (less certain expenses) except for farms and owner occupied dwellings, in which case the Net Annual Value is fixed at 5% of the Capital Improved Value.

See Valuation of Land Act 1960 for the complete definitions.

Council's Valuer is also required to make supplementary valuations from time to time for changes to properties resulting from sales in subdivisions, construction or demolition of buildings and splits or consolidation of properties, as well as other changes affecting values.  These supplementary valuations are applied from when the changes were effected, using the same level of value date of 1st January 2020, following which rates for the year are recalculated and ratepayers advised.

Please note that other Authorities may use one or more of these base values for the purposes of a rate or tax levied by that Authority.  One of these is the State Revenue Office, which levies Land Tax on some properties. 

Objections to Valuations

Once a ratepayer receives their rate notice, issued in August each year, they will be able to query their valuation either by submitting the form below

Query a property valuation

or by contacting the rates department on 03 5382 9777. If the rates department are unable to assist the ratepayer with their query, the rates department may forward the query to the Valuer appointed to undertake the valuation on behalf of the Valuer-General.

Should you believe that any of the Council valuations are still incorrect, you may object by lodging an objection with the Council within two months of the issue date of your rate notice. This also applies to notices received after supplementary valuations. Copies of the objection forms can be found below, or by contacting Council on 03 5382 9777.

Please Note: Rates must be paid by the due date pending a decision of an objection.

Residential Valuation Objection Form(PDF, 338KB)

Rural Valuation Objection Form(PDF, 338KB)

Commercial/Industrial Valuation Objection Form(PDF, 343KB)