Make your opinion on Horsham transport count

Published on 15 November 2019

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Wimmera people have until Monday 9 December to make their opinions on Horsham transport issues count.

Minimising the impact of trucks in the centre of Horsham and improving public transport, car parking and cycling infrastructure are key priorities identified in the Draft Horsham Urban Transport Plan.

Horsham Rural City Council wants to know what the community thinks about the plan before it decides whether to adopt it, and ultimately plan to implement its recommendations.

Chief Executive Officer Sunil Bhalla urged people to share their opinions before it was too late.

The draft plan was first made available for public comment in September.

“Council gave an extended period of 10 weeks to ensure that the community had plenty of time to get their submissions in. There are a great many actions listed in the draft Plan and we are keen to understand what is most important to the community,” Mr Bhalla said.

“We are very keen to get as many submissions as possible and we are very keen to start implementing as many of the community’s priority actions as possible,” he said.

“The Urban Transport Plan has identified issues that impact on the efficiency of our road and footpath network. We are keen for it to work as best it can for all groups in the community including freight businesses, cyclists, pedestrians, retail businesses and school kids,” Mr Bhalla said.

HAVE YOUR SAY: Draft Horsham Urban Transport Plan

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