Poll to decide Reconciliation Action Plan artwork

Published on 05 March 2019

Reconciliation artwork.jpg

A community vote will decide which piece of local artwork will feature on the cover of Horsham Rural City Council’s Indigenous Action Plan.

The Aboriginal Advisory Committee last December invited Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members to submit artwork to be included in the Reconciliation Action Plan document.

Two pieces of art were submitted.

They reflect the vision of the Reconciliation Action Plan, which is to create an improved understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures, hopes and future aspirations through fostering strong, respectful, inclusive and meaningful relationships within our communities.

The most popular artwork will feature on the cover, while the runner-up will be included in the body of the document.

Voting is via a Facebook poll and is open until Friday 22 March at 5pm.  The artworks will be on display at the Civic Centre, 18 Roberts Avenue Horsham where people can lodge a hard copy ballot.


1: Ignite


Ignite reflects the power and passion required for change.  To dare to dream, create, confront, consider and commit.  It reflects the spark that generates all beginnings - when the desire meets the demand.  Ignite is the impetus and the inspiration. The bold colours and strong upward flow embrace the concept of moving towards a combined connection.  The intricacy of the shapes within, display the individual yet complementary moods of each. 




2: Malgarr Miyurr- Shield of Spirited Land


The shield is power and strength of the Wimmera, the small circles represents the five Traditional Owner groups of the Wimmera the Wotjobaluk, Jawda, Jadwa-Jali Jupagulk and Wergaia people’s and in our colours of the Barengi Gadjin Land Council.

The big purple circle represents the Horsham Rural City Council.

The lines going around the circle in the centre of the shield represents the lines of communication and movement, the working relationship between the traditional owners and HRCC.

The blue is the Wimmera River flowing, the white small dots shows the ripples of water within the river, the different green dots show of the changes of grasses growing throughout our spirited land.