Road Maintenance



Council has a program of routine and response maintenance to ensure the road infrastructure is kept in reasonable condition providing a safe level of comfort for the users.

Road Maintenance Tasks

  • Pothole and edge repair patching of damaged sealed surfaces, and filling of potholes on gravel roads
  • Unsealed road and gravel shoulders grading and six monthly inspections
  • Repairs to broken up road surfaces and seal edges
  • Resurfacing of roads and car parks surfaces listing in the annual resurfacing program
  • Repair of damaged or faded signs and other road furniture including guard rails
  • Repairs to footpaths, kerbs and channel and damaged nature strips
  • Collection of roadside litter, and the cleaning of rubbish bins in parks and reserves
  • Line marking maintenance and renewal when found, or reported to be in poor condition
  • Cleaning of blocked underground drains and pits
  • Repairs to car park furniture
  • Repairs to drainage pits, underground drains, major culverts and bridges

Any requests for maintenance work on the road system, enquiries regarding maintenance works and program, or to report damage to Council signs and Council roads please fill out this form or call Council on (03) 5382 9777. 

Weekly Works Update

Operations Department

Projects and associated works that are underway by HRCC Staff and Contractors in Public areas from Friday 25 January 2019. Please note these works may change, subject to weather conditions.

Urban Infrastructure:

  • Footpath repairs - multiple locations, short term works - signage in place
  • Road pothole repairs – multiple locations, short term works – signage in place
  • Drainage works various locations
  • Kooyong Street reconstruction – Derimal Street 180m north
  • MacBain Street construction
  • Footpath construction Wavell Street
  • Hutchesson Street reconstruction

Parks and Gardens:

  • Irrigation maintenance 
  • Herbicide program spraying
  • Rural roads tree trimming
  • Selective herbicide program for reserves
  • CBD garden bed revamps
  • Wimmera Walk landscaping
  • Street tree watering
  • Coughlin Park oval reconstruction
  • Various mowing programs
  • Strategic Firebreak mowing program

Rural Infrastructure:

  • Rural road pothole repairs - multiple locations, short term works – signage in place
  • Replace damaged culverts – various rural roads
  • Reconstruction of O'Brees Road
  • Reconstruction of Peels Road
  • Fixing patches various rural roads
  • Reconstruction of Asplins Road
  • Flood Recovery stage 3, Toolondo, Kanagulk, Natimuk area
  • Construction and realignment of Old Hamilton Road

Subdivisional streets being constructed by private developers

  • Southbank – Stage 11 continuation of McLean Drive and Seater Close
  • DeCastella Estate(Sunnybrae Stage 10)
  • Colonial Water - Stage 5
  • Jenkinson Estate Stage 11